We track, analyze, & engage every post on Reddit relevant to your Brand so you don't have to.

Our system detects keywords in every Reddit submission and comment in real-time. Each mention is then analyzed by an actual human being in order to identify the ones relevant to your strategy. Once a relevant mention is found, it's sent to a brand manager so they can skillfully execute your vision.

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We Develop Strategies Specific To Reddit
and Execute Them to Perfection.

We’ve partnered with top-tier brand managers to help promote your company or product on Reddit organically to an audience of over 300 million. Using our 24/7 on-demand workforce to process all of your keyword matches, we identify the ones relevant to your strategy and pass them on to the brand managers you've selected so they can execute your vision.

The platform is open-ended in that a strategy could be anything, but the core idea is that you can get extremely granular with the type of content you’re looking for - things like people talking about a competitor, asking about a problem related to a product, or indicating that they are part of a target market.

For instance an App that lets you be your own bookie could identify instances where Redditors are talking about which sports team is going to win an upcoming event. They could then forward that post to a brand manager who would reply with a link to a bet on their app with something like “put your money where your mouth is”.

Also, because brand managers are getting these relevant matches in near real time, their comments are visible to pretty much everyone who views that thread. The audience is much larger than just the person the brand manager is replying to. The posts are even indexed by Google and can be found by searching relevant keywords.

So to summarize, we make your brand a part of the conversation and represent its interests on Reddit for a fraction of the cost of a typical brand managment firm. Our platform can also generate a significantly higher ROI because of how targeted your approach can be, and how streamlined the overall process is, from identifying relevant content to having a brand manager formulate a response.


Monitor submissions/comments for a specific word or phrase, and see mentions in real-time.


Automatically determine if a comment or submission is positive, negative or neutral.


Optionally receive text messages or email alerts when we discover a new mention.


By default we search all of Reddit, but you can also monitor for keywords in specific subreddits.


Define an exclusion word/phrase. If it's found in a submission or a comment, it will be excluded.


Are you a developer? Use webhooks to let your application know when keywords are discovered.

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What Our Customers Say

Using Karmalytic.com we were able to find people who were interested in improving their credit score and explain the benefits of using our app.

Castleigh Johnson

CEO of Trifigo

We use Karmalytic.com to keep a pulse on the conversations happening on Reddit concerning our 30+ portfolio companies, and to engage when appropriate.

Matt Warmuth

CEO of Collide Village

We used Karmalytic.com to help us find the most innovative companies in 50+ sectors by identifying & engaging industry experts within the community.

Eli Logan

CEO of Tech Phenomenon

Using Karmalytic.com we were able to find people willing to talk to us about their HOA, yielding valuable insights quickly and at very little cost.

Kevin Brown

CEO of Avanta Risk Management

Plans that fit your needs!


  • 2 Keywords
  • 100 Archived Results
  • 0 WebHooks
  • 0 Sentiment Analysis
  • 10 SMS Alerts
  • Unlimited Email Alerts


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  • 6 Keywords
  • 2500 Archived Results
  • 500 WebHooks
  • 250 Sentiment Analysis
  • 100 SMS Alerts
  • Unlimited Email Alerts


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  • 12 Keywords
  • 5000 Archived Results
  • 1750 WebHooks
  • 875 Sentiment Analysis
  • 250 SMS Alerts
  • Unlimited Email Alerts


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I exceed the total number of archived results for my plan?
Your keyword(s) will be paused if you surpass your plan limit for Archived Results. Your results & statistics will still be available in the dashboard, however if you wish to keep monitoring for new instances of your keyword(s) you'll either need to clear the past results or delete them and start off fresh.

If your trackers get paused and you would like to resume tracking without losing your data & with a much higher limit, please consider upgrading your plan.
What is the highest frequency with which I will receive SMS and Emails?
You will receive no more than 1 email every 10 minutes, and no more than 1 text message every 15 minutes. We limit the throughput in order to prevent you from getting spammed if your keyword(s) get popular.
How does the system handle partial matches?
If partials are enabled, when you track the keyword "cat", "catamaran" can be a result. Leave partials disabled to track only mentions of the word "cat".
How will I be billed if I decide to upgrade?
The end of your monthly billing cycle will always be 30 days after the date of your last renewal or plan change. You may unsubscribe from your plan at any time without penalty.

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