Track every reddit submission and comment for keywords in real-time... for free!

On average there are nearly 3,000 comments & 250 submissions made on Reddit every minute. We scan all of them for your keywords and alert you via SMS, eMail, and WebHook.

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Monitor submissions/comments for a specific word or phrase, and see mentions in real-time.


Automatically determine if a comment or submission is positive, negative or neutral.


Optionally receive text messages or email alerts when we discover a new mention.


By default we search all of Reddit, but you can also monitor for keywords in specific subreddits.


Define an exclusion word/phrase. If it's found in a submissions or a comment, it will be excluded.


Are you a developer? Use webhooks to let your application know when keywords are discovered.

Plans that fit your needs!


  • 2 Keywords
  • 100 Archived Results
  • 0 WebHooks
  • 0 Sentiment Analysis
  • 10 SMS Alerts
  • Unlimited Email Alerts


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  • 6 Keywords
  • 2500 Archived Results
  • 500 WebHooks
  • 250 Sentiment Analysis
  • 100 SMS Alerts
  • Unlimited Email Alerts


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  • 12 Keywords
  • 5000 Archived Results
  • 1750 WebHooks
  • 875 Sentiment Analysis
  • 250 SMS Alerts
  • Unlimited Email Alerts


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Senior Developer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I exceed the total number of archived results for my plan?
Your keyword(s) will be paused if you surpass your plan limit for Archived Results. Your results & statistics will still be available in the dashboard, however if you wish to keep monitoring for new instances of your keyword(s) you'll either need to clear the past results or delete it and start off fresh.

If your trackers get paused and you would like to resume tracking without losing your data & with a much higher limit, please consider upgrading your plan.
What is the highest frequency with which I will receive SMS and Emails?
You will receive no more than 1 email every 10 minutes, and no more than 1 text message every 15 minutes. We limit the throughput in order to prevent you from getting spammed if your keyword(s) get popular.
How does the system handle partial matches?
If partials are enabled, when you track the keyword "cat", "catamaran" can be a result. Leave partials disable to track only mentions of the word "cat".
How will I be billed if I decide to upgrade?
The end of your monthly billing cycle will always be 30 days after the date of your last renewal or plan change. You may unsubscribe from your plan at any time without penalty.

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